Should my next 5* champ be Archangel or Ghost Rider?

dramatist Posts: 173 Tile Toppler
I have a feeling that the answer to this one is that it really doesn't matter.

I have three 5* champs right now, Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Thor. I have extra covers for Archangel and Ghost Rider saved and I'm just curious if I am overlooking any reason to champ one before the other.


  • Warbringa
    Warbringa Posts: 1,249 Chairperson of the Boards
    Well Ghost Rider is the better of the two I think however, from a power color distribution, you might always be using Thor's green power and that is Ghost Rider's best if I remember.  If I had to choose, probably Archangel since you do not have an active blue AP user but as you noted, it doesn't really matter with those other 3 champed. I would save the iso myself if you have any other 5* getting close to 13 covers lol.
  • Heartbreaksoup
    Heartbreaksoup Posts: 311 Mover and Shaker
    I'd go with Archangel.  Daredevil and Thor, thanks to their 50% health "next trick," are pieces you'll want to use a little longer at a stretch.  Jessica needs to be benched more frequently, and Archangel is a better color match with DD and Thor than Ghost Rider is. 
  • abominatrix
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    In a post-gambit world, both are OK, but in my view Angel is a little more OK (active blue, good counter against some future flying 5*, etc.). If you're mostly post-ISO where champing another 5* doesn't concern you if you get lucky enough to cover, then I would go that way; otherwise I'd just save the covers and maybe you'll be in a different place the next time it comes up.

  • dramatist
    dramatist Posts: 173 Tile Toppler
    I think I have decided on Archangel because of an active blue and a stun. He actually seems ok, just expensive powers.
  • Drlex
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    I really like GR but I don’t have a strong Thor. So for I think archangel is better.