~*~ deadpoolstaco (casual) recruitment status ! ~*~

IYeaheahI Posts: 53 Match Maker
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Hey fellow MPQ-ers!

Are you enjoying MPQ as much as we do without having to plan your work, family, etcetera around a mobile game?

We are a band of active players who love playing MPQ buy who understand that real life is demanding enough without an alliance making up extra responsibilities for you to take into account.

In deadpoolstaco you can play as much or as little PVP and/or PVE as you like, we only ask that you:

- are active during boss events
- have at least a couple of championed 4-stars

We always reach full progression on bosses

Also, we ask our players to not be inactive longer then 7 days without letting us know so we can make out the difference between temporarily unavailable or stopped playing.