Character Re-balancing: Over-Priced Powers



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    DAZ0273 said:
    Hasn't this thread been Necro'ed and so should be insta-closed?

    I don't think I can keep up with this forums "rules" these days...
    Looks like it was, and the necro poster deleted their post, will look into it. 

    edit: After reviewing forum rules, as long as the thread is valid, it can stay alive!
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    jym010 said:
    They need to do away with any power that when you launch it, it automatically reverts back to the other team.  I am thinking Squirrel girl yellow and whatever Hood power it is(don't play him that much).  I never use Squirrel Girl yellow because the defense tiles, while nice, don't allow me to make any matches. once launched.
    Powers that do that are *generally* pretty strong for the tier at the time of launch. those defense tiles SG makes for instance are pretty beefy, and Hood does quite a bit of damage for a 3* when he does Twin Pistols. Similarly, OML makes some mega-strikes when you do his black (pre-yellow threshold). I'm not sure the one Sentry has is worth it, maybe it was before his nerf? I don't remember those days, I just hear how he used to be god-mode all the time.

    There are some niche use cases for powers that hand the turn over - one I can think of offhand is trying to ensure Deadliest Woman goes the way you want it to after you fill all the purple tiles with friendly specials (rather than making a match yourself, then an opponent match. works extra well if you have them stun-locked). Another one might be setting up a match-5 the enemy can't resist, and having Teen Jean ready to go; or at a smaller scale doing the same for Mockingbird or Loki on a match 4. I admit some of those are pretty thin reasons to do it