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R158 Release Notes *Updated (8/2/18)

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Hi Everyone,

Here are the Release Notes for the R158 update! (Please note that we are noticing some delays with the Amazon build. Once we have more details, we will be sure to inform everyone of any changes. Amazon build should now be live!)

MPQ 158!
  •  "Infinite Kaleidoscope Of Lights"
What's Changed:
  • Improvements to the Saved Cover Feature
    • Increased the maximum amount of covers that can be saved
      • 50 covers for 2-Stars
      • 100 covers for 3-Stars, 4-Stars, and 5-Stars
    • Removed the restriction that a character could only save covers, if they had less than 13 covers
    • A confirmation pop-up message is displayed when trading Saved Covers for a power.
  • The Champion Reward Preview screen can be seen after the character has reached the maximum Champion level
  • Fixed a rare crash with The Hulk (Bruce Banner)
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