Prof X, Fury, Miles, Kingpin or Elektra?

Raud Posts: 74 Match Maker
I think i should first champ Fury then Prof X and next Miles or Elektra and Kingpin on the end.
But need a little advice.


  • Waddles_Pines
    Waddles_Pines Posts: 1,054 Chairperson of the Boards
    If your gamependium is up to date, I'd champ your Deadpool over all of these.  

    Fury, Elektra, Miles, Prof X.

    All of them are rather meh.  I think it all depends on what characters you normally use and whether or not the colors overlap.  Prof X used to be higher, but unless you're using Charlie's Angels, he's too squishy.  I like Miles, but he works best with other web makers.  He's an AP generator with a purple nuke.  Prof X and Miles are both team specific.  Fury and Elektra are more self sufficient. 
  • Dormammu
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    Fury's pretty good boosted and can hold his own if you need a purple or yellow user; he's the best of that crowd though only a lower-middle tier 4-star at best. Miles and Electra aren't horrible, but they're not very good either. Miles can make lots of web tiles if that helps anyone else on your roster. Electra is outclassed by Medusa by a far mile. Prof X can work okay with tile manipulators as he'll spit them out with regularity. Kingpin is the biggest pile of rubbish in that group.
  • Raud
    Raud Posts: 74 Match Maker
    So with patch R158 and his changes, Deadpool is the best option and then 5* feeders  :)

  • Warbringa
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    Fury is actually the best of those as an individual character.  

    Miles is probably next best imo after Fury and then Elektra followed by Professor X.

    Professor X though has some nice utility, although I haven't champed mine in case I ever decide to use winfinite with Switch/GSBW again.  If he is champed, that combo really no longer works since I think blue becomes the strongest AP power.  Professor X health is just so bad...I mean Deadpool passing wind knocks him down.

    Never champ Kingpin unless you want his champ rewards as he is bad.