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How is it decided each round which colored tiles will have what characters symbol. It does not seem randomly generated.

Example) if I pick thor, deadpool, and hulk as my team thor gets purple, green, blue, and team up tiles. While deadpool only gets yellow and hulk only gets black.
How is this determined during the setup of the board? I would like to build a team where one character acts as human shield while building up certain colored points for a character behind.


  • Dormammu
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    Each character does a set amount of match damage for each color, which you can view when looking at the character's details. They do higher damage on the colors of their powers. The higher the level of the character, the more match damage they'll do.

    In the case of a tie, it depends on their position in the team selection screen before a fight. The middle position gets priority, followed by left and then right.
  • Sim Mayor
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    And the icon on the tiles is the icon of the character doing the most match damage in that color. So as long as you have someone who does more match damage in the color you want to build up, their icon will be on that tile, so they'll move to the front when you make those matches.
  • Waddles_Pines
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    If there's a tie, the order should be center/left/right, but I remember in the past that there were floating decimal places after the whole number so that a character may be fractionally more powerful in a color even if they show a tie on the whole number.

    I thought they got rid of the float, but maybe they didn't, or it only effects old characters.  I remember using Carol in DvMPQ Heroes and enemy had Thing in the middle and he was supposed to tank a color because of a tie, but it went to someone else on the enemy team.  

    So, even if there's a tie, I would test drive it in a match just to make sure the character you want tanking actually does tank.
  • Quebbster
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    That is a very odd color distribution. What versions of Thor and Deadpool are you using? What level is everyone?

    I can't fathom why Deadpool would get the yellow matches and Thor the Purple ones - it should be the other way around.

  • Quebbster
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    Hmmm. Cycj, are you by any chance color blind? I see people with tritanopia can confuse yellow and Purple, which would explain a lot of the confusion. The yellow tiles are Squares standing on a Point, and the Purple tiles are triangular standing on one corner. Is that what Thor and Deadpool is matching?