Casting cost of tokens?

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With abilities like Teferi’s Spiraling Time and Angrath’s Captain’s Command and now even event objectives concerning themselves with the casting cost of tokens, can we get a breakdown of what each token’s casting cost is?  

Will it vary for the same token type depending on where it was produced from?


  • DBJones
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    Well, creatures can have their cost changed, which effects those abilities. Seems pretty likely tokens could have the same oddities.

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  • ElfNeedsFood
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    Maybe all creatures should have their casting cost available on board?

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  • Tilwin90
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    If they were to follow the paper magic guidelines, the rules should be as follows:
    - Created tokens have a cost of 0, unless otherwise specified -> Thopter tokens, wolf tokens, saprolings, knight tokens and many other tokens fall in this category.
    - Created copy tokens of already existing permanents copy the cost of the original permanent. A good example here are embalm and eternalize cards which should exhibit the same cost as the non-token creature.

    Interesting enough double faced cards have also been rethought in paper SOI so that now transformed permanents have the cost of the front face. This is not the case in MTGPQ.

    Aftermath cards are another anomaly improperly implemented in MTGPQ as in paper magic they are split cards and therefore follow different rules. However, those rules would be much closer in PQ if they were made according to the following implementation:
    - Aftermath cards have only one face! They never "transform" when they go into the graveyard. If you were to fetch Reason//Believe from the graveyard, you would always fetch Reason. Believe should not exist as a card in your hand!
    - Aftermath cards generate activation gems on the board while they are in the graveyard. Should the card leave 
    - Aftermath cards activation gems present the "aftermath" side by default.
    - It's fine if the player can still "switch" between the two sides in the preview to see one or the other.

    Finally, cards in graveyards should have the cost on the "printed card" (a.k.a the original cost of the card outside the game). This means cost reductions and other shenanigans do not apply to cards in graveyard.

    But this is not paper magic so I guess my rambling is pointless here....  :p
  • HarryMason
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    I agree . Zero . Tokens are not cards. Their casting cost shouldn't even be zero, they just don't have one. There are exceptions previously mentioned ,but aside from those , just zero. 
  • Gunmix25
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    The last RotGP event with the new objectives had one node requiring 3 creatures with a cost of 12 or more. By accident I discovered that casting the Knight Saga counted as 1 creature cast.