Query on Shield Clearance level

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While picking a SCL in PVP events. Does the SCL I pick affect the opponents I face?

As I understand SCL determines rewards value. In PVE events SCL also detemines the level of opponent I will be facing in the nodes. So does the SCL also determines who I will be facing in PVP events along with the other factors (MMR, points in the PVP event, etc) 

I just want to know if I should go for the highest possible SCL in the PVP events or picking a lower SCL will give me easier opponents?


  • Borstock
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    You get the same opponents from the matchmaker, but your leaderboard is other people who picked that SCL. 
  • DarthDeVo
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    What Borstock said. Go for the highest SCL you possibly can for the best progression rewards.

    BUT, that could impact your placement rewards.

    A T50 placement score in SCL9 could be a T25 placement score, maybe better, in a lower SCL depending on the slice or bracket.

    So if all you care about is progression rewards, I'd say pick the highest one possible. But if you care about placement, then take that into account as well. It may be worth it to get slightly less in progression by picking a lower SCL if it bumps you up a tier or two in placement. 
  • Rod5
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    It depends how much time/resource you are prepared to focus on a PvE event. If you don’t use shields much, the higher the better for prog rewards.

    However if you do use shields, then you could potentially place then it depends on how crowded the brackets are.

    I generally go CL7 because I can more or less guarantee a T5 place with a reasonable score - an extra 4* cover or two is worth the # expenditure. Plus I can help others get to 1.2 by letting them know when I’m going to shield hop.