Competing Rogues siphoning same colour can still gain AP [Investigating]

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In the Thanos versus event, I've been playing Rogue a lot, and I noticed what I think is a bug in a few matches where Rogue was on the competing team.

As the opposing team was getting close to 5 green AP, I fired Power Siphon against the opposing team's Rogue to deny them green.  They managed to get the last AP anyway through a match-4 and cast Power Siphon back at my own Rogue.

As I read the power description, at this point neither team should be able to gain green AP through simple green matches: they might get double AP, but it should be double zero.  However, when the enemy team made a green match-3, they gained 3 green AP.  I also noticed that I gained 3 green AP when I performed a similar match.

It was as if the initial 3 AP was being zeroed out, but the bonus 3 AP was still being awarded.  I suspect that this bug isn't limited to firing Power Siphon on green: I wouldn't be surprised if the same thing happened if both teams siphoned some other colour.


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    I wonder if, code-wise, it's adding instead of multiplying, so it's just giving three additional AP for those matches, rather than doubling the 0 that would normally be given.
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    The match-4 might have destroyed a row that contains at least 1 green tile. Rogue's Gloves off deny only ap gained from making a match. 

    As for your second part of the post, assuming that that it's not a bug and it's your turn, your Rogue's ability activates before opponent's Rogue's. Assuming you match-3 green tiles, it would calculate as 3x2 = 6 green ap. Then, opponent's Rogue passive ability activates and reduces 3 green aps (matched). Since the other 3 ap did not come from making a match; therefore, you still keep the 3 green ap generated from her ability.  

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    The match-4 might have destroyed a row that contains at least 1 green tile. Rogue's Gloves off deny only ap gained from making a match.
    I understand that Rogue only stops AP gains from matched tiles, and not destroyed tiles.  I was just describing the steps that led to me discovering the bug.

    I've since reproduced this multiple times in the tournament.  I wasn't performing any match-4/5s and gaining AP via row destruction.  I performed a simple green match-3, and gained 3 AP despite the enemy's siphon.  The enemy was able to do the same for simple green match-3s.  There was no other abilities in play to explain the AP gain (e.g. neither team was playing Captain Marvel).

    It certainly seems like a bug from the power description though.  If I'm meant to be getting 0 AP from matches of that colour, then doubling the AP should still be 0.
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    Hi everybody. Thanks for the info. I have gone ahead and passed this information on to the team for further investigation. 
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