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How to earn and spend Mana Crystals as a new player?

NyylonNyylon Posts: 2 Just Dropped In

I started the game a week or so ago, mostly doing Story mode, trying to earn XP for my Planeswalkers, as well as some Mana crystals when I can complete the challenges.

I'm however not sure how to spend the (very) little I earn. I bought a new Planeswalker (Gideon) and one base collection boosters, but Mana Crystals seem very hard to acquire.

Do you guys have any tips on how to earn more and where to spend them? Should I buy more of the starter Planeswalkers, or just focus on boosters (and if so, stick to base collection or go for the expansions)? Right now my only income for cards are the free daily boosters and some random rewards in the "expansion tutorial" stories.

Thanks in advance,


  • DBJonesDBJones Posts: 802 Critical Contributor
    In the Events tab, Training Grounds runs every day, has unlimited tries, and gives you 15 crystals each time you win four (or more) times in one day (matchups are based on Planeswalker level as long as someone else has played one between your level and 10 more than that). Joining a coalition gets you access to more events. Quite a few events will give you at least some runes just for joining them, which helps for leveling Planeswalkers.

    As to Planeswalkers, the best way depends on how you want to do things. Every story mode battle has an extra objective to beat it with every color of Planeswalker, which gives you 10+ mana crystals (mostly 10 for the level <60 battles). Getting access to every color is very nice for this reason, and for certain events. If you can stand playing just Training Grounds and getting the daily rewards for awhile, most of the two-color Planeswalkers are significantly better than the basic 50 crystal ones (Nicol Bolas and Huatli, Radiant Champion can get you the story mode color crystals in two battles, and are among the best Planeswalkers for virtually everything else as well.) Getting cards can wait until you have a few good Planeswalkers. The more expensive one color Planeswalkers are better than the 50 crystal ones, but usually need a better collection to really shine than the two-color Planeswalkers. Looking around on this forum should give you a good idea of which Planeswalkers to go for, and which to avoid.
  • TimeLion724TimeLion724 Posts: 2 Just Dropped In
    Best way to farm gems as a new player is to finish the story mode.

    Origins Chapter 1 to 3, each chapter has about 2 parts each.

    As you progress through the game you'll eventually farm gems to buy the new planeswalkers.

    If you do buy any packs with gems just save up for the 300 gem packs, and once you spent about a year or so

    playing you'll be far enough to start farming training grounds which will give you about 15 gems after you win the 4th


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