Upscale rewards in higher clearance levels

DeNappaDeNappa Posts: 1,010 Chairperson of the Boards
Isn't it about time rewards for higher shield clearance levels were beefed up a bit?

I usually settle for SCL7 because it can be cleared a bit faster and I'm already spending enough time on this game as it is.

Sometimes I visit SCL8 or 9 though, depending on the boosted list and which event it is. This time, I decided to go for SCL9 as I have a reasonable amount of covers for JJ (at 3/3/2).

Well, I just spent 8 minutes killing off 3 Maggia goons at 100K+ health, and all I got was a standard token. Talk about unrewarding. And even the non-token rewards are disappointing, even the at double ISO, :neutral:

I think the reward table is already slightly different between SCL's, but it's still tiny kitty and besides the little extra CP, there's hardly any incentive to go higher.


  • JwallyrJwallyr Posts: 165 Tile Toppler
    I get the impression that unless you're a mega-whale (or have played for much longer than I care to contemplate), SCL7 is the sweet spot. A 4* cover from progression, if your roster is well-developed you have good chances of getting 4stars from placement, and the only qualitative change from SCL7 to the higher brackets is that if you are in like t10 of SCL9 you can get LL tokens.

    So, basically, unless you have an INSANELY good roster and can reliably get t10 in SCL9... I don't see any reason to spend more time on marginally more ISO/CPs from SCL 8 or 9 when you can grind SCL7 progressively faster as your roster develops. I just have a hard time imagining a point in my life where I'd consider it worthwhile to grind that much harder for that few marginal gains.

    So I guess ultimately I agree with you, the higher SCLs are just not appealing vs the additional effort involved, unless your roster is so amazingly overdeveloped that it's not actually additional effort.
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