Possible Tile generation bug

Only happened once. As you can see, no red tiles.


Also, my Note 2 takes screenshots at 1280 x 720. Could you up the max image size so I don't have to resample?


  • I'm pretty sure with the RNG, it's possible for this to happen. I've seen it a couple of time with environment tiles thanks to Mistress of the Elements. The game is designed to give a higher chance of dropping a color that is not represented on the board, but it is not a guarantee. From the sound of it, the R42 Patch will not have the glowing gems anymore, so even in that situation, you'd be able to use your powers. In the mean time, grab that black match 5 and I bet a red will drop.
  • Match 6, but who's counting right? icon_e_wink.gif

    I want able to use his red ability until I cleared those tiles but it wasn't a big deal. This is more of a heads up post.