How to Remove a Commander from an Alliance

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So, we have a few commanders in our alliance [EUSKALAVENGERS].  Everything works great!  Except one thing...

We have one dude, goes by the name Katius.  Good guy, one of the founding members of this alliance.  

...he's been gone for ...months?  Years?  Can't recall.  

Now, we're not a hardcore alliance by any means, but we make it to round 7/8 for our boss runs now, and we've got a few great rosters.  All 20 players are nice/dedicated enough.  But Katius hasn't been seen in forever, and the only reason any of us knows this is because of another player in our alliance who knows him in real life.

Supposedly, Katius lost the way to access his account.  Password, or log-in, or whatever.... point is, he hasn't gotten it restored, and quite frankly, I'm pretty sure he's not trying to come back either (otherwise, the friend would've told us).

Since he's a commander, we CANNOT boot him.  So he sits there, taking up a slot.

Can someone help us change this?  Can we remove him somehow?  Maybe with a voting system?  Like, if 5 players in an alliance all push a 'Remove Commander' button from that person's profile within a set amount of time (say, 3 hours, or something like that), then the person is actually removed.

Point is, we have nothing against him, but Commanders stay forever unless THEY remove THEMSELVES.  And ours isn't doing that anytime soon.  Help?  Suggestions?

Thanks for reading.


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    @PiMacleod You can have any Commander within your Alliance submit a support ticket to request that this player be demoted. As long as the player is not the original creator of the Alliance and they have been inactive for at least two weeks, Customer Support can demote them for you. 
  • PiMacleod
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    Done.  Just waiting on the demote now.