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Known Issue: Incorrect Kingpin Heroes for Hire Cover Color

BrigbyBrigby ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 6,350 Site Admin
Hi Everyone,

We are aware that the preview for Kingpin in the Heroes for Hire store is displaying the next color as Yellow. This is incorrect, as it should be Black. This will be updated on Monday, before it goes live on Tuesday.

We apologize for the inconvenience, however thank you for understanding.


  • Ares76Ares76 Posts: 34 Just Dropped In
    Why should it be black? Why is it alway the first color? Most character from the Crash of the Titans are already in their second cycle since the introduction of the Heroes for Hire store?
  • sinnerjflsinnerjfl Posts: 1,083 Chairperson of the Boards
    Right... it should be purple.
  • SpiritclawSpiritclaw Posts: 397 Mover and Shaker

    When we finish the cycle with America Chavez, will the following cycle covers be of the second power?
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