Incorrect Tier [Solved]

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I'm gold level mastery in Blue, but when I joined a Journey through History: The Long Cold Darkness I got placed in the silver tier. I have a friend who made it into gold tier with just white mastered. Is this supposed to be a white event or something?

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  • Laeuftbeidir
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    It's an all colors except one event, so that's correct!
    Maybe the color restriction for these pve events could be communicated more visibly?
  • Rhasget
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    This event is non-blue. If you check the info (the i i n a circle top right) you can see the rules that apply and what colors and cards are allowed.
  • nyar26
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    Ah! Thanks, okay, that makes sense. I never noticed it was non-blue because all my blue pw are multicolor
  • techmarine5
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    It is relevant, it changes reward levels