Q&A w/ Oktagon - June Edition (7/11/18)

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Hi Everyone,

The team has been very busy working on the Core Set 2019 being added in the upcoming 2.8 build, however they wanted to take some time to quickly answer a few questions.
Will the next set be Core 2019? Can you tell us anything about it?
Yes. The next set will in fact be Core Set 2019. We can’t say much right now, but what we can say is that the Leader keyword will be in it.

Are there any plans to rebalance Planeswalkers?
Yes, there are. Now that we are caught up with tabletop Magic: the Gathering, we will be taking a look at older Planeswalkers. We can’t give you any specific dates, however we can tell you that we will start with older, underpowered Planeswalkers.

When can we expect to see Standard / Legacy Training Grounds?
Sometime between M19 and Guilds of Ravnica.

Could we get more insight into your design process, similar to how Mark Rosewater does several articles after a set comes out?
Unfortunately we can’t make a series of articles talking about the entire set, however if players want to know more about any mechanic in the game (Leader, I’m looking at you), we can definitely write an article discussing it and where it came from.

Will future sets make use of the unique tokens keyworded onto cards (like Verix Bladewind or Josu) or was that a 1 time only thing to make Dominaria easier?
Yes. The new token templating will be seen in future sets.

Will Leader appear in future sets, and can you explain why it was created and then used so sparingly?
Yes, Leader will be seen in future sets. As to why it was created, we will be releasing a small article with the thought process behind it.
We hope you're enjoying the new changes in 2.7.1, and the June Q&A Session! If you have any questions you'd like to ask in this month's July Q&A Session, then please visit the Question Submission thread to submit it.

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