Why Does It Feel Like the Training Grounds are Not as "PVP" as it Seems?

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I am getting the general feeling that the training grounds aren't really as PVP as it seems. It almost feels too "automated". The reactions of your opponent are extremely fast, even when I have been taking my time. I usually think about 5 to 10 seconds at a time when I make my move, yet my opponent (no matter who they are) are instantaneous. Even when they flip through their hand and extert or cycle, it is like instantaneous, with no hesitation which gives me the feel that the whole thing may be the player who joined's deck, but it is not actually the player playing. I wonder if it is two players join the game, it matches us up, but then he fights my automated deck instead of ME and I fight his automated deck instead of HIM. Thoughts??


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    Hi, you must be new.  Welcome!!

    This game does not use "true" PvP, in the sense that you do not play real people live.  You face decks being used in the event by other players, but they are piloted by our friendly (if quite dumb) AI we call Greg.

    We have been asking for a real PvP experience for a while, but it is a very low priority compared to other issues (and may not even be possible to do easily anyway).

    Hope this answers your question!
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    In addition to that, Greg can't cycle, won't replace creatures, doesn't discard etc
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    When you play fast like a robot the chances you get cascades are higher
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    I see. That turns me off of any kind of PVP. I want to play against a human not a bot. *sigh*
    Oh well.. I will have to get that competitive fix the old fashioned way: tabletop mtg (EDH Commander).
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    I'm kind of the other way.  I quit every other form of magic because there's never a casual play AI option anywhere anymore.
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    I see. That turns me off of any kind of PVP. I want to play against a human not a bot. *sigh*
    Oh well.. I will have to get that competitive fix the old fashioned way: tabletop mtg (EDH Commander).
    Well this is unfortunate. There are a lot of great aspects to this game -- I hope you'll reconsider and explore MtGPQ more. 

    It certainly isn't a replacement for paper, I don't think it was ever designed to be; however it is fun and interesting and more dynamic than any other match 3 I have played. 
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    My major problem with the game is how heavily pay 2 win it is. The free boosters havent given me anything new in a week, and when I puchase cards with money, it gives me very little. Then I am in the training grounds with a mediocre deck against a deck with 3+ rares and mythics that can put 20 to 30 attack monsters onto the field in just 2 or 3 turns. I am losing interest badly with how little I am able to actually gather new cards to improve my deck. I cant even play story mode anymore because i tried 30 times now and I cannot get past the zendikar battle with 290 HP or however much it is. I am just stuck where I am. Might as well start a new account and start over. Perhaps the game should allow trading.
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    Well, don’t give up now. Overcoming this very hump is the key point in the game. Once you get past it (and you will), you will see the fun and craziness in the game. I think most of us have been through that. What’s even better, is that the devs are working to improve the newer PQ player experience, so we are hoping that will be with us sooner than later. And if the game really sucks, hey, you still have the communities to have fun with. Hope you stick around to enjoy all that.
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    Thanks. I will struggle along and hope that changes will come. I log in every 6 hours for the free cards and every night for the month-wide rewards. We will see how it goes.
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    Play what you can.  Try to get the 4 wins in Training Grounds every day to earn 15 crystals.  
    Collect the free boosters (as you have been doing).  
    Get the Daily Reward from the Activity Hub page.  
    When you can afford them, pick up the other low-cost single color Plainswalkers from the Vault.  With these, make decks that can fight through the early Story Mode battles again.  If you win with all 5 colors, the Story Mode fights give extra crystals.  
    Save up to buy Premium Packs from the Vault, I would suggest targeting Origins and Dominaria sets first.  
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    Now that the customary friendly advice has been dispensed, some precautionary tips: 
    Don’t spend crystals buying more potions unless absolutely necessary.  Potions regenerate at a rate of one every half hour.  
    While they are nice to get a quick heal after a match, leveling up your Plainswalker will also heal them fully.  
    Don’t level your Plainswalker faster than you are read to compete.  Your PvP opponent is partially determined by the level of Plainswalker that you enter into the match.  If you are having trouble making a deck that can stand up to a long match against a powerful, high level player, it might be good to be able to avoid that kind of fight.
    Also, you might find some Plainswalkers are more to your liking than others, and worth pushing to a higher level.  Save Runes for these ones.  Of the original 5, I have only taken 2 to max level.  The other 3 haven’t been needed beyond the 20s.  
    Experiment with new cards and new deck strategies.  But also be mindful that mastering cards pushes up your player Color Mastery level.  Reach the goal for your current tier, and you will enter the next bracket of players in PvP matchups.  
    You will get better rewards in PvP and PvE Events (except Training Grounds), but your opponents will be tougher with larger collections and probably better decks.  
    Be ready to level up when you are comfortable with your level of PvP, but don’t rush too fast too early.  It took me 5 months of regular playing to get from Bronze to Platinum.  
    Being part of a new-player friendly Coalition can also be a big help.  There are several out there, ready to share advice and strategies, and some Events require you to be in one to join.  These will earn you extra rewards for participating, even if you individually are having a bit of trouble with some of the matches.
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    Thank you. I have Chandra and Nissa at level 60. I built a Fire Deck and Dinosaur Deck respectively. I am doing my best with them. It would be nice to have a high impact monster for the decks. But thank you for the vote of confidence. I will tough it out. ❤
  • Enygma6
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    That's the fun challenge of the game, especially early on.  
    Find out what you can do with your limited resources.  See what combinations work within your collection, and what cards play best to the abilities of your Plainswalkers.  
    Don't stress about having to win every fight.  Keep track of what doesn't work, and see if there's a way to improve on the idea.

    If you ever have questions or concerns, just ask.  This game has a good, active community of players, and plenty of information in the collective hive mind.
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    It takes time to get anywhere in the game. You really don't need to spend a dime . Think of it like an RPG . You're at level 1. You're gonna be weak . Gotta build up resources . Takes patience and the game is rather brutal for new players .It gets easier