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Hi. I wanted to share my journey with MPQ with you people. It's a simple one but I might make it a tad long with a lot of unnecessary details. (You have been warned)

Today I just finished collecting my Daily Resupply reward for Day-246. D246 isn't that big a deal you might think. I agree, but I have known MPQ ever since it said Preview edition on the top. Back then 4 star Wolverine was a great character. I don't recall any other big characters other than IM40 and Daredevil. 
Me and my friend found this game during the pre-final year of my college. Back then mobile data was too costly and we couldn't afford to pay for data to play games. So this game was quite a luxury that we could only enjoy under our college Wifi. Even that was available only for 8 hours a day and shut down frequently due to maintenance. 

We spent evenings sitting in my room, not talking a word but matching those tiles away and collecting ISO. I remember my friend placing in the top 20 in PVP events inspite of the limited time we had to us to play. Three months, we spent evenings glued to the game. Until one fateful day, my college decided to ban all game related sites and we couldn't go into the game as a result of that. Events went on without us participating. We could have used a proxy connection, but made the loading so slow that we waited more than we played. Thus we were prevented from playing regularly and it became tougher to collect rewards and the game wasn't rewarding anymore. Eventually the app got deleted from our phones.

Years passed. I have forgotten important passwords and usernames. But my MPQ ID never left my brain. When the IW fever was gripping and since I was on a vacation, I reinstalled it to see how much the game had changed. Only about two months back, I guess. So much had changed, every Marvel character I knew was in there and even more. Supports, Champions, Infinity stone seasons. The game drew me back in.

And pleasantly enough the game has gotten bigger and better. In a market full of apps trying to take your money left and right, MPQ in my opinion asks you to spend without flashing offers on your face. (After all, the developers need to make money) Yet the game isn't ruined by for non-spenders. 

While most games get us hooked by preying on our mentality to hoard virtual possessions(the hero covers in this case), this game also offers, a very interesting gameplay that far supercedes the attempt at making us hoard virtual possessions. I'm saying this because I don't need 5* to have fun. Even the 3* characters are sufficient to make this very rewarding.

I think that's where I am right now. Playing and recently found this forum with lot of nice people helping each other with the game. And I hope to keep going. 

P.S: My friend has gone on to pursue further studies and has become super busy. But I did recently tell him all the new features and he's back in the game too. Although he started afresh.


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    Thank you for sharing your story. It provides a rather rare insight into how those in the earlier stages of the game view the changes. As someone who was critical of of the IW celebration, I have been keen to hear what new players thought of the in-game celebration. 

    While I still think they could have done a lot better, I am glad that it was able to attract and entertain others. I think your assessment is fair and appreciate you sharing your perspective. 

    Wishing you and your friend all the best!