New Alliance Feature: Public Purchases (7/3/18)

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Hi Everyone,

When an Alliance member makes a purchase of a Logan's Loonies or higher, not only do we appreciate the support they show for the game, but their Alliance-mates also appreciate the burst of Command Points given out to them, as well. As of right now, a message will appear that notifies everyone of a member's generous contribution, but we think that these contributors deserve even more recognition.

On top of that, it can be hard to track which purchase is yours, if you find yourself smack in the middle of multiple contributions. This is why we're adding a new feature that allows Alliances to promote the generosity of their members, while also providing a tool to help you keep track of your purchases.

Starting in the (7/5) Thursday daily patch, Commanders will be given the option to make purchases visible to the rest of their Alliance. (This is set to Private by default)

When Purchases are Public, any purchase made that gives out an Alliance CP gift will display the name of the player who made the purchase. When Purchases are Private, the message will be unchanged from before this feature was made.

When the Commander toggles the status of Purchases, there is a chat message stating that the change has occurred, and the Alliance Details page will display the new status. (If you don't see a change, try leaving and then re-entering that screen) This is consistent with our previous behavior for toggling the Alliance to Public or Private.

Now whenever someone decides to support your Alliance with a purchase, you and your members will know exactly who to thank!
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