Update to Supports (7/3/18)

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Hi Everyone,

With the release of the newest Support, Wasp Gauntlets, the team wanted to take a moment to speak about the overall Supports feature, and share some of their thoughts:
Hey all,

Since we launched Supports, we've been paying close attention to the community's reception of them, and listening to your feedback. One piece we heard repeatedly is that Supports just weren't strong enough to bother playing with. We're thinking about how to respond to all all of your feedback, but this was the piece that we felt we could address the quickest.

So, with the next several Supports, starting with Wasp Gauntlets, we're trying something new to make them more powerful and exciting. We're increasing Supports overall power level, making high rank Perks stronger sooner, and reducing the number of Perks a Support's power is spread between from 5 to 3.

Instead of a Perk unlocking at all Ranks, Perks are now unlocked at Rank 1, 3 and 5. Fewer Perks mean that the individual Perks are stronger - the power we would have given to the Rank 2 and 4 Perks have been redistributed to the other three. Ranks 2 and 4 will still raise the Level cap of a Support, allowing you to make your Supports stronger, they just don't add extra Perks.

On top of that we've raised the overall power level of Perks. Perks that deal damage or create Special tiles of a certain strength will now be about twice as strong at Level 250 than they are now, and get much stronger on their way to Level 250 than they do now.

Finally, we want high rank Perks to feel awesome as soon as you unlock them, so you'll see many Rank 3 and 5 Perks that start off stronger than they used to.

Please tell us what you think about this new kind of Support! We're listening!

Casey Malone
Lead Designer, Marvel Puzzle Quest

You can check out these changes in the newest Support, Wasp Gauntlets, which you can find details about HERE

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