5* feeders / 4* champ rewards (full list)



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    Black Bolt ———————————— Medusa
    Black Panther —————————— Black Panther
    Black Widow ——————————— Black Widow
    Captain America (First Avenger) —— Peggy Carter
    Captain America (IW) ——————— Winter Soldier
    Captain Marvel —————————— Captain Marvel
    Daredevil ————————————— Kingpin
    Doctor Doom
    Doctor Octopus —————————— Carnage
    Doctor Strange —————————— Mordo
    Ghost Rider ———————————— Ghost Rider
    Green Goblin ——————————— Sandman
    Hawkeye ————————————— Kate Bishop
    Iron Man ————————————— War Machine
    Jean Grey ———————————— Jubilee
    Jessica Jones ——————————— America Chavez
    Kingpin —————————— Miles Morales
    Kitty Pryde
    Loki ———————————————The Hulk (Main Event)
    Okoye —————————————— Shuri
    Prof X
    Silver Surfer ———————————— Mr. Fantastic
    Spider-Man (Back in Black) ————— Spider-Man (Infinity War)
    Spider-Man (Peter Parker) ————— Vulture
    Star-Lord ————————————— Drax
    Thanos —————————————— Gamora
    The Hulk
    Thor ——————————————— Valkyrie
    Wasp ——————————————— Ant-Man
    Wolverine ————————————— Wolverine

    Note: 37 5-star characters. 11 5-stars don't have feeders yet.
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    They're taking waaaay too long to update/complete this on the devs end.

    4*Deadpool should give Cable
    4*Cyclops should give Prof X
    Coulson should give Rescue
    Rogue should give Gambit
    4*Iceman should give 5*Iceman
    Domino should give Archangel
    Hulkbuster should give Hulk
    Invisible Woman should give Doom
    Magik should give Kitty Pryde
    Jane Foster should give Hela
    Nightcrawler should give Storm

    Zzzz what gives devs...
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    With the introduction of shards, all your questions are answered. Differently, example: Emma Frost feeds Kitty
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    Thanks for bumping this post. However, it has not being updated for more than 2 years. Let me see if I can help to update it.

    Edit: time flies. The last time I updated it, there was 37 5*. Now, there's 62.