Jessica Jones-Who will be her feeder?

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Since there was a bit of debate on the Jubilee feeding Phoenix, it got me thinking for what people think will be the feeders for the 5* that we do not have feeders for yet. 

I will do a poll for all of the 5* to see what everybody is thinking, so here is the poll for Jessica Jones.

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Jessica Jones-Who will be her feeder? 44 votes

Luke Cage
sinnerjflzulux21trat73thedarkphoenixxKOBALTxbabinrowhitecat31chris0001ZeroKarmaneodukeswordfishdataalaethaxmossDaichesBasepuzzlerjreddMoosePrimezodiac339Meandertph_james 42 votes
Iron Fist
The Punisher-Netflix Tie In
Elektra-Nexflix Tie In
Grizz875 1 vote
Not Released Yet
Doragon 1 vote


  • Steel_ColtSteel_Colt Posts: 277 Mover and Shaker
    Luke Cage
    I'm hoping Luke Cage. I have JJ at 3/4/3 and I'm hoping to pull another 1 or 2 covers before she leaves Latest. I have Cage at level 281, so that would be another cover right away.
  • Hanedog72Hanedog72 Posts: 10 Just Dropped In
    Why not Luke Cage and Iron Fist? Old Man Logan has 2 feeders
  • JacklagJacklag Posts: 100 Tile Toppler
    Luke Cage
    Luke Cage makes the most sense.
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