Opened too many covers, which should I keep?

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Started a few weeks ago and basically made the rookie mistake of opening all my tokens and ended up with a lot of wasted covers (I try not to think about it). Now I have a bunch of covers, all expiring sometime tomorrow, and would like some advice on which I should recruit, sell etc.
My current roster
Covers expiring soon:
  • 2* Bullseye - 2 purple, 1 black
  • 3* Iron Fist - 2 green, 1 purple, 1 black
  • 3* Star-Lord - 1 purple, 1 green
  • 3* Vision - 1 blue
  • 3* Daken - 1 blue
  • 3* She-Hulk - 1 blue, 1 green
  • 3* Loki - 1 black
  • 3* Kamala Khan - 1 purple
I currently have no roster space with only 240 HP (next slot is 325), so I have to decide whether to let them expire or sell some I've already recruited to make space. Any input on which characters I should keep/sell is highly appreciated. General tips on which characters to focus on are welcome as well. :)


  • lakantanz
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    I would certainly keep 3 star Iron Fist as he's one of the best 3 stars - if I was to delete a character to keep then, maybe the 3 star Angel, I have never used them and they're not especially good.
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    You're already ahead of the game in that you've learned one of the big lessons early (don't pull tokens if you can't roster what you'll get) and while it will seem like it hurts, it won't hurt too bad and you'll get all these covers again soon enough. 

    First, if you can spare 20 bucks, now's the time to spend it (consider it a tip to the developers). Buy HP, buy as many roster slots as possible and roster as many as you can.

    Assuming you don't spend the 20 bucks, I would do the following:
    Sell 1* storm and widow. While you'll eventually want to have one (or more) 1* widow to pass along team-ups, you'll want her at 0/5 (her stun is by far the best power in 1* land; even 5* rosters appreciate a 5-turn stun). You can clear the first DDQ node with IM35 no problem, so the others aren't really helping. 
    Roster Fist and Kamala

    I'd probably let the rest of them go for now; you'll draw those covers again and you can roster them when you have the HP to manage it. 

    Given that you've only played a few weeks, you're doing really well. 

    Good luck!

  • Dormammu
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    Assuming your Gampendium roster is up to date, I say sell your 1-star Storm and Widow. Roster Kamala and Iron Fist. Let the others go.

    You're at a point where every roster slot is a squeeze, and it's going to be that way from here on out until you have about a lot of slots. (I currently have 163 slots and every character rostered once.) You basically have two options:
    1) Buy them
    2) Farm them

    If you go with option 2, start farming the 2-stars you don't use to win. These are typically 2-stars like Cap, Moonstone, Torch, and Bullseye. Chase their covers and the tokens that give them. Max-champ 'em (lv 144), sell 'em, and start a new one. You get a tidy sum of HP from 2-star champ rewards which you can convert into roster slots. Once you're no longer leaning on your 2-stars and you have a small stable of champed 3-stars, farm all the 2-stars.

    Hoard any CP and Legendary Tokens you get. Just let it pile up. You'll use that stuff when you're ready to jump to the 4-star tier. CP will also come in handy for buying 12th and 13th covers for pesky top tier 3-stars when you want to get the best ones champed. The best ones are: IM40, Dr. Strange, Cap, Iron Fist, Kamala, Magneto, Scarlet Witch, Thanos, Wolverine (Patch), Cyclops, Luke Cage, and Thor.

    You can hoard any Elite or Heroic tokens you get until you have an open roster slot or enough HP to buy one if you're really annoyed by cover loss. If you're not, don't worry about it and just open them because hoarding them will really put the brakes on your 2-star farm.