Spider-Man and the Homemade Webshooters

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Hey team,

Unsure if this has been brought up - I attached the Homemade web shooters to my character - Miles Morales (Spider-Man) and it doesn't provide him the specific character boost.

OK yes I know that technically he is not Spider-Man as according to the way characters naming convention goes..  Wouldn't it make sense to open this up to Miles as well? 

Well, it would certainly on paper make the crash of the titans easier for me this week. (tbh the game has skimped out for me on Miles covers so he's still sitting at 70 for me with 7 covers.)

If you're trying to make supports actually useful, why not open them up, such as in this example? 

OK forumites - let me and D3/demiurge know what YOU think! _____BigRussian


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    For all my snark about other weird character-exclusion rules and extremely-specific support perks (this item can be used with any character, as long as it has the Guardians of the Galaxy tag and yellow/purple/green colors!), I think this is the one bothers me the most.

    And here we have a support that still says "equip to Spider-Man" after I've equipped it to Spider-Man.

    And again, the perks for this item only specialize it further for a specific character. Adding blue match damage or blue AP gain would be a "nice-to-have" on any of the four Peter Parkers who can use this Support, and would be good as synergy perks, but instead they are rank 2 and rank 5 perks; since Miles and Gwen can't use blue AP and have extremely low blue match damage, these perks instead do nothing. (The rank 5 perk requires the supported character to be the one making the blue match, so if you have a character who uses blue, then Miles won't make the match and won't trigger the perk, but if you don't have a character who uses blue, then there's no point generating blue AP.)

    Miles and Gwen do both benefit from Web Tiles. Most "Spider-Verse" characters (the only ones allowed to equip this thing in the first place) benefits from Web Tiles. There is in fact only one who doesn't: Spider-Man (Back in Black)! Good thing he gets to use that synergy perk, eh?

    Miles Morales is Spider-Man. In the monthly publication called Spider-Man, he is the title character. Peter Parker occasionally shows up in a supporting role.

    Why do "Web Shooters" have to be equipped to a Spider-Verse character, anyway? Spider-Man (Back in Black) can equip them, despite almost never bothering to actually wear web shooters under his suit. Squirrel Girl('s clone) has used Web Shooters, but cannot equip them. Hawkeye has used Web Shooters. Mary Jane is extremely well-practiced with Web Shooters, which is relevant here mainly because it demonstrates that the only real requirement for using Web Shooters is hands.

    Lastly, they are Web Shooters. Why is shooting webs not the very first thing they can do? If you handed them to Wolverine, he probably wouldn't be able to spin a defensive Web Cocoon on the first try to block enemy match damage, and he probably wouldn't be able to shoot Impact Webs whenever he matched blue or purple or crit, and he certainly couldn't use them to snag an extra couple blue AP from across the room, but you know what he would be able to do with them? Shoot some gosh darned webs!
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    Amen Tensuun. D3 dropped the ball on this one!