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Hi Dev Team,

I'm a long time user of MTGPQ. Rarely visit the forum however.  I'd like to suggest a few improvements, that would make the game even more enjoyable in my opinion:

1) Add total mana gained and total cards drawn at the bottom of the Battle Log.
This will help determine how much your win/loss could be attributed to variance and it will help reflect on the match.
The information is already listed on a turn by turn basis in the log. It would be great if this could be totaled and summarized.

2) Overhaul of Training Grounds. Having Mastery as the only distinction in TG leads to un-fun gameplay. Devs should determine the role of TG and the rewards associated with that role. I would suggest making 2 TG's, one for standard and one for legacy with only the standard one having a gold payout.

3) Keep the 'Across Ixalan' daily event structure in place going forward, maybe rebrand it to Dominaria in the future etc. Time invested vs. pay-out is balanced and it is well-liked.

4) Have an option to toggle in game animation speed.
Cards drawn appear on screen too long. This also goes for the notification whose turn it is, and the time cards appear on screen when cast. The amount of senseless tapping the screen to close the animation of cards etc. is annoying for most players. I understand that some players like being able to take the time to read the card they drew, but most long time players process this information in half the time the cards and other information appears on screen. Having a toggle woudl be optimal. We had a short period of time where we had updated speed, this setting should be made optional.

Thanks for taking this input into account when developing the game!




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    Also would like to see a Mulligan, just one time at the start of the match
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    As a way to increase the variety of playing options, it would be great to have the option before a match to have the option to temporarily reduce the level a plainswalker below the level that is purchased for them is being played at before determining the opponent.  Especially for TG, this helps for choosing length of matches as well as different viable deck builds that stop being viable at higher levels. 

    Also it would be great to have a toggle switch to have the option that you don't face the same planes walker twice in a row(or sadly 10 times in a row.).
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