Seriously, though, why was 50/50 Vaulted 4* ended?



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    ZeroKarma said:
    Dormammu said:
    The answer to why 50/50 latest/classics was eliminated seems fairly obvious to me:
         event vaults weren't selling

    Newly released 4-stars were quick and easy to fully cover through normal game play income, pulling out of Latest Legends. Hoarders could fully cover them as soon as they entered token pools. For everyone else, 13 covers were a certainty before the 4-star left the latest 12. So there was no urgency to spend in a vault and nab a cover or two during the release window/event. Vault sales = down.

    So what's the answer? Go back to dilution. Now it's not so easy to get those characters covered in a reasonable amount of time. And look at this! You now have slightly better odds of pulling 4-stars out of event vaults! Doesn't that look attractive? Don't you want the new shiny?

    No! I don't want the new shiny anymore! Rockett pointed out that anyone in the 5* tier barely looks at the latest 4* , much less using them for anything significant. 

    Sure, for people that are 4* tier and who don't want to go to the 5* tier this may be more interesting. But even for many of them, their highest level 4* from the vaulting period will have a significant level difference and be their go-to for a long, long while. 

    Regarding pack sales, it used to be that the new 4* could be found exclusively in 40 packs for their events. They were, in fact, the only 4* in there. The chances of actually getting one was pretty high for this game. (Probably why they killed it) By comparison, an 80 token vault with one cover, or 4x odds in a 40-pack with 65+ other 4* are a better example why people stopped buying them. 
    I agree with this.  I'm not going to say there's no chance Dormammu is right, but as I said - it's very difficult to spend money on 4*s and for a 5* player it's simply not worth it.  If you're looking for that transitory advantage, you're much better off hoarding/spending on a new 5* when it debuts and getting the 4 weeks of having them boosted.
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    GrimSkald said:'s very difficult to spend money on 4*s and for a 5* player it's simply not worth it.
    You're assuming these vaults are being catered to those players. A large percentage of this game's players are not 5-star players.
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