Ranked Bracket Event Format Change Request

James13 Posts: 665 Critical Contributor
This was in discussion here: https://forums.d3go.com/post/quote/73433/Comment_813504

But I'm reposting some content here in the Suggestions sub-forum.

This is to address the issues with advantaged late event entry and "flipped bracket sniping".  Wherein it is demonstrably advantageous to enter ranked events late, after the first (or more) bracket has filled up and a later ranked bracket is newly created.


  1. For any given bracket/ranked event, a number of brackets should be pre-made that is at minimum 1 more than required.
  2. Upon entry, a player would be randomly assigned to one of these brackets.
  3. As a result, entry time is unimportant.  Random chance will dictate that you will have a mix of effort levels and bracket sizes roughly even across all potential brackets.  This neatly bypasses the bracket sniping issue created by the single filled bracket entry model.
The only potential complication here is it does require a rough estimate of the number of active players and attention to a given event bracket size.  N+1 for bracket numbers is kind of a minimum, and simple to estimate for 3k bracket events.  But for those legacy 250 size events you'd probably want to dial it up further.


Thanks for your consideration!