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Top Tier characters not in Team up/combo db

TintaiwanTintaiwan Posts: 161 Tile Toppler
edited June 20 in MPQ Character Discussion

I started a database for finding teammates/combos.  I noticed recently a few of the highly ranked folks are not represented.  

1) Peggy Carter
2) Iceman
3) Punisher - 4
4) Jean Grey - 4 (teen)
5) Nova
6) Yondu

and others. 

These are characters people rank high on lists, but have no team represented in the database.  How do you use them... 

Jump on over to the entry form and add your ideas...

Form for entering team is http://tiny.cc/MPQteam
For looking at the list of teams is http://tiny.cc/MPQteams   


  • ThaRoadWarriorThaRoadWarrior Posts: 1,277 Chairperson of the Boards
    edited June 20
    I added Nico/Lockjaw/Mohawk Storm since Nico was also light on teams, and Yondu/4ocket/Nico.

    1) Nico/Lockjaw/Storm - get storm's black on the board, let Nico buff it to the moon while lockjaw eats all the match damage. This team is great on long boss fights (I used it a bunch on Apocalypse) or wave nodes. Decide if you want the AP from storm's green or the charge tiles from Lockjaw for added nibble damage

    2) Nico/Yondu/4ocket - obvious synergy with GotG. 3/5/5 Yondu build let's you put out quality strike spam with added AP denial. His blue will typically 1-shot somebody and then come around the back with all that added strike spam that starts high and gets higher from Nico. 2 characters with decent to good true heals let this team stay running for awhile as long as you're careful about where you have Nico. Covers the match-damage bases with the exception of red
  • TintaiwanTintaiwan Posts: 161 Tile Toppler
    good ones TheRoadWarrior 

  • ThaRoadWarriorThaRoadWarrior Posts: 1,277 Chairperson of the Boards
    I'm still working on getting the other ones you have on your list to champ, so it's hard for me to evaluate them. I have some teams I suspect would be good, so if somebody would like to try it out and report back that would be cool lol. I'm actively trying to BH my way to a champion Peggy (5/3/3) currently, and I've been wondering who her partners are myself. Here is an idea I have:

    Peggy (5/3/5) /IM40/Sandman (5/5/3): race to 6 yellow for IM40, hilarity ensues. Sandman stuns on green with an AoE, Peggy stuns everyone else on blue with big damage countdowns, faces get punched in the meantime. Sandman is sort of a yellow battery on purple to accelerate IM40 on a yellow-light board, and can himself do Yellow Stuff if you find you're swimming in yellow. He and Peggy are both highly skippable opponents in PVP for different reasons, so I suspect this is a strong team.
  • JarvindJarvind Posts: 1,680 Chairperson of the Boards
    Jean Grey & Cyclops is a classic. Covers every color but black, some self acceleration, match-5 protection, and both AOE and single target nukes. Add in the third of your choosing - Yondu would actually be a good choice here.

    Nova works with pretty much anyone, to be honest. I can't think of a situation where cheap nukes and loads of strikes are a bad thing.

    Peggy + IM40 got me through a lot of really bad nodes back when PVE scaled to your roster.
  • ThaRoadWarriorThaRoadWarrior Posts: 1,277 Chairperson of the Boards
    edited July 12
    Peggy/Im40/Shuri is a wild team i've been using lately. chase yellow, get fortified tiles on the board so that your powers get cheaper, and enemy powers get extra-expensive, fire off peggy's blue a few times, collect rewards. Shuri's ap cost mods stack with 4* Lord and peggy
  • ThaRoadWarriorThaRoadWarrior Posts: 1,277 Chairperson of the Boards
    Lockjaw/Patch/Kraven is kind of a fun team as well. Fire off Patch's green as often as you can. Win (eventually) from a thousand tiny cuts.
  • TintaiwanTintaiwan Posts: 161 Tile Toppler
    Be sure to add those to the DB http://tiny.cc/MPQteam  
    you can have up to five entries for the the giveaway in a couple of days...
  • ThaRoadWarriorThaRoadWarrior Posts: 1,277 Chairperson of the Boards
    edited July 13
    I added them, along with a killer Flaptain team:

    Shuri/Flaptain/P4nther -> get Protector of Wakanda going asap. Flood the board with fortified shields to reduce your AP cost. Every match will quickly get bonus damage from Shuri and P4nther, and Dive-Bomb will become affordable (11ap vs 14). Additionally, Dive-Bomb will become a proper nuke very quickly and do mega-damage.
  • TensuunTensuun Posts: 84 Match Maker
    I don't have Peggy or Iceman champed, but I run away from them more than most 4-stars in PVP regardless of whom they're paired with. They don't strike me as having any obvious synergies; rather, they're just generally really strong characters for their tier. Use them when they're powered-up, and put them on teams with other strong characters, I guess.

    I mentioned a team that includes Punisher in another topic, but he's mainly relevant on that team because he's Powered-Up and he's fighting Iron Man. His most powerful move is Green->Black, but there aren't any batteries that guarantee you'll generate both, so nobody can feed him. His blue passive doesn't buff Strike tiles enough to compete with other moves that make better use of them, and his blue active is garbage both compared to all other blue actives and compared to all other Punisher actives. His signature mechanics revolve around not having teammates, so it's tough to think of a Punisher team that's flavorful or useful.

    Well, OK, I've got one. Nova makes use of black Strike tiles, specifically. Strike tiles in other colors don't affect his moveset. There are only two characters besides Nova who can guarantee Black strike tiles, and, even better, they don't use Nova's colors to do it!

    I've tried, really tried, to make Nova + Punisher + X-23 work, but it just doesn't. It's slow and clumsy and weak and I get attacked immediately. I cannot in good conscience add it to your list.
  • ThaRoadWarriorThaRoadWarrior Posts: 1,277 Chairperson of the Boards
    does Vulture being airborne count for Punisher?
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