In game calendar

Rhasget Posts: 412 Mover and Shaker
The event calendar on the forum is the only source of information on whats to come. And now it hasn't been updated there either so it's in the dark for everyone atm.

From what I understand the event info is relayed from Octagon to D3 and posted by Brigby so when he's away or something comes between this info is delayed.
And I don't know how many players come to the forum (since the info about the forum is also pretty non-existent) to see whats happening.

A calendar in the game would be updated by the devs directly and the info could also be put up here like before if there is a demand for it.

It doesn't seem like a major task to make a calendar for a month at a time. When a new set is up, just add what type the event is atleast (PvE, PvP - solo or coalition) so we can see that without spoiling anything.