Improving Training Grounds

Not sure if suggested already but would love to see training grounds add ability to pick from list of objectives (two if possible) to then test your deck against to ensure you meet objective.  Even better if you do add objectives to be able to limit/restrict color you are facing (still don’t know what PW or color combo you will face but better simulates a potential node your building a deck to go against).

if you want to up prizes (I.e. players gets 1 unobtainium per added objective) all the better but not required for purposes of the players who want to test for specific challenge/requirements.


  • BrainFlavors
    BrainFlavors Posts: 10 Just Dropped In
    I would like to see TG readjust my opponent when I change to a stronger/weaker PW instead of shifting from my level 60 to my lvl 10 PW and my opposition is still at 60.
  • EDHdad
    EDHdad Posts: 609 Critical Contributor
    I'd like a Legacy / Standard toggle switch.