Fix the servers?

AlexBrisingr Posts: 9 Just Dropped In
Sorry, not to put too fine a point on it, but first and foremost, before new and shiny features, how about fixing the features we already have? Namely, the game itself?

I’ve lost count how many times the game has frozen in a retry loop, and I lost credit for a victory. I’ve even lost a couple booster packs that tried to open, the game froze, and I never got the cards. That’s why I left the game originally. I came back because I figured the issues would be resolved. I came back to the same issues. If not worse. The game has been out for years. Why is basic game stability still a serious ongoing issue?


  • Kinesia
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    It's possibly completely coincidental but _every_ time HoD is coming up these issues get worse. (It might be coincidence or perception bias, but maybe there's something in the background too? Worth checking.)

    They recently did some stability fixes and it was better until now mostly, but were the stability fixes tested with HoD?