Should I save Tony Stark?

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In a week, the daily resupply will drop a red cover for IM46 currently sitting at 5/2/3. It was previously 5/1/3 and I already spent 250cp on hfh when his blue came up. It's going to be a while before he is offered again. I was hoping that he would be offered alongside a new release in the special store, where I can attempt to finish him off with my cp hoard (current at 5834). That turned out not to be the case and in order to save the duplicate cover. I now have 3 options. 

Option 1 - spend 2160cp to purchase the 3 covers to finish him off. 100% certain at the cost of ~100x 4* champion rewards and any 5* covers. 
Option 2 - pull up to 291 classic tokens. Praying to the RNG gods that 3 more red/blue covers drop, but not 3 blue since that will be a dupe cover. Any 4* champion rewards that gave out more cp could be additional pulls. However, with 22x 5*s, I don't particularly like the diluted odds.
Option 3, middle ground and pull up to 183 classic tokens, for each useful red/blue cover, up the limit by 36 pulls. This maximise the number of 4* champion rewards and 5* covers while having a fail safe in place.

Roster wise, all my 4* are championed except the newly released iron-spider. 5* champions are gambit, phoenix, silver surfer, hawkeye, okoye, peter parker, thanos, daredevil, oml, blackbolt, black panther, cap (iw) and jessica jones. The remaining are

IM46 5/2/3
cap (civil war) 4/3/1
starlord 2/2/2
green goblin 1/3/0
Thor 2/1/2
Hulk 0/0/3
Black widow 0/0/2
Ghost rider 0/2/0
dr strange 1/1/0
black suit spidey 1/1/0
archangel 1/0/0
doc ock 0/0/1

My reasoning to save IM46 is this will be the first 5* dupe cover that would be wasted for me. Well, technically oml black 5-6 months ago was but it was only 720cp to save him then (I realise it was not worth it, considering his next hfh or 13 xfw covers would have achieved the same result, but I still spent the cp. Weird, since I can hoard latest tokens and cp for months, yet the thought of waiting for hfh or xfw champion reward were too much). Hoarding also means I have built a huge gap between my 5* champions and those I skipped (by only pulling till I got a cover for pve essentials). By trying to save IM46, I would potentially gain more covers for those severely undercovered 5*s. With the updates of 5* feeders through 4* champion rewards, any classics around 5-7 covers stands a good chance to complete (provided the cover distribution are good).

The majority of you are probably thinking, why bother? IM46 is mid to low tier anyway. Sell for iso or roster a dupe. Keep hoarding for the next three 5*s, Thor is probably the best one out of the remaining and he's already in good shape for a feeder. Dr Strange would be next but needs to be offered again in a special store, bonus hero could add a cover or two... 

What do you reckon I should do? Rescue the poor dude or leave him stranded on titan?  


  • Quebbster
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    Sell the cover and wait for Iron Man to get a fourstar feeder.

    If you absolutely cannot bear to sell the cover, roster a dupe and hope Iron Man gets rebalanced so you can sell it at an increased rate.

    The game is built around cover waste sadly, it is one of the primary ways we get motivated to spend.

  • Rod5
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    2k CP to champ IM46 is not good business. I have him and he isn’t great in today’s meta. Fun, but not 2k CP fun.
  • AlexNapalm
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    Luckily the "save cover" option should be debuting next week as well.
  • Pongie
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    Perfect timing indeed. 

    It is definitely tempting to pull classics soon. Regardless of how diluted the odds are, being able to save covers definitely help. I don't have many classics that would lead me to overload saved covers (unless I get an extremely series of duplicate covers).