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Could the 4Es for a 4* release event be the progression reward for the three preceding events?

JSP869JSP869 Posts: 531 Critical Contributor
This would give everyone the chance (if they play well enough) to add an extra cover or two to the required characters before the Shield Training event rolls around.

Given Quake and Miles are both older characters, it would help those of us who have them rostered but not yet fully covered. (I've championed Quake but my Miles is still at 2/2/3.)

It may also drive HP sales, because if someone doesn't have them rostered but they pick up their cover as a progression reward then they see that character is required for Shield Training, they may consider buying some HP so they can roster them.


  • QuebbsterQuebbster Posts: 8,070 Chairperson of the Boards

    Quake is up as a PvP reward Before SHIELD training ends. That is better than usual.

    Devs seem to prefer using the latest twelve as PvE rewards most of the time, it remains to be seen if this continues now that the increased pull odds are gone.

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