Can someone explain this to me?

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So, I'm brand new to this forum, and I'm fairly new at this game, and don't have a ton of high level characters.The match-ups that are rated "impossible" are VERY difficult for me to win, but I have won a few of them if I keep trying over and over. What I don't understand is when I am in a impossible match-up and all my shape matches, no matter what color or what character I use, come up as -1 damage instead of what they would usually be. Needless to say this indeed makes it impossible for me to win this match-up. My best character is a level 35 Thor and when he is making -1 matches with a +20% power boost on red and yellow I have to think there is something wrong there. Why does this happen?

Thanks for your time.


  • Most likely you're up against a Bullseye or some other character that can put shield tiles on the board.

    If you get into that situation pretty much all you can do is clear the shield tiles (or, in the case of Bullseye, use powers to kill him and then clear them). That or retreat and take the damage instead of having everyone killed.
  • What he said, and here's a list of the characters that might be making protect tiles.

    ***Loki, ***Magneto, **Bullseye, **Captain America, *Iron Man
  • Yeah, Bullseye was the culprit. Thanks guys.