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Help with a Sophie's Choice

RagnoluceRagnoluce Posts: 39 Just Dropped In
edited June 6 in MPQ Character Discussion
Hi All,

I've got two 4-star covers on the vine, and only enough ISO to use one of them within the next 6 days....

Star-Lord - Currently lv.210
Wasp  - Currently lv.188

I enjoy playing with both of them, and from what I can tell they occupy about the same place in the meta at current (though maybe a slight lean towards Star-Lord to play with R4cket & Gamora?). Star-Lord also is slightly higher level, so I can bounce back a little quicker.

While I'm sad to see one of them go, this situation has convinced me to finally start hoarding my CP & legendary tokens, which feels like something of a milestone (just in time for the changes to vaulting, of course :sweat_smile: )

Any thoughts from the populace on which I should keep?


  • iron-n-wineiron-n-wine Posts: 451 Mover and Shaker
    that is tough - does one have a better build than the other (ie would one benefit from champing and re-spec'ing more)?
  • DormammuDormammu Posts: 2,841 Chairperson of the Boards
    Regardless of which one you champ, and there's no bad choice here, they both fit on pretty much the same teams and do the same type of things (as you said). Wasp is a little more strategic with her stun and tile flipping, while Starlord can do respectable damage with his red and spam those countdown tiles like there's no tomorrow.

    I'd probably give a slight edge to Starlord only because I think he performs better when boosted - that red of his becomes pretty effective in creating damage.
  • hopper1979hopper1979 Posts: 516 Critical Contributor
    Which do you play more pve or pvp?  If it is pve go with Starlord, pvp Wasp.  They are both solid but Starlord is a monster in pve especially against goon nodes, Wasp is solid on the right team but not as good.  In pvp her stun makes her a little more useful since Starlords yellow is dependent on powers firing.  
  • Polly_P1Polly_P1 Posts: 93 Match Maker
    If you use 4 carol than wasp is a great partner for her with her blue. If you use 4rocket the star lord 
  • AlexNapalmAlexNapalm Posts: 85 Match Maker
    With Coulson and Carol champed, Wasp makes an excellent teammate. Collect enough blue and yellow to get her countdown going and fire yellow. Once you do that, Carol starts boosting your trike and defend tiles every turn and Coulson starts generating AP every turn. Once you have enough AP to fire Carol's black, things start ramping up very quickly. 

    Starlord is very good as well. However, with Gamora, R&G and Medusa already champed, I'd vote you go for Wasp. 
  • SpiritclawSpiritclaw Posts: 396 Mover and Shaker
    I mostly use my Star Lord with Invisible Woman and 3* Iron Man.  Wasp is fun, but Star Lord is more useful to me overall.
  • brollbroll Posts: 4,333 Chairperson of the Boards
    edited June 6
    Depends on your other characters IMO.  They are both niche characters.

    Pick Star-Lord if you have or play a lot with characters with cheap / frequent moves (Ex: Gambit, Vision, Gamora)

    Pick Wasp if you play with a lot of special tile generators (Ex: Daken, Bullseye, Luke Cage, 5* DD, Iron Fist, Medusa, 3* Oc)

    If neither then it's personal preference.

    I checked CoT both won't come up for a long time and a few clashes apart.

    Me personally I've always preferred the special tile meta myself.
  • RagnoluceRagnoluce Posts: 39 Just Dropped In
    Thanks all, I think it's gonna be SL, since I'm more of a PVE-er. I was excited to start using both characters with Carol for buffing madness, but I can hold off for a while and just use Peter.

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