I’m thinking about entering the 5* transition soon.

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I think I’m finally getting close to being ready to start champing some 5*s. 

Here’s where I am now. All 4*s champed except 5 (soon to be six). Deadpool is my only unchamped classic 4*. He’s at 13 covers and lvl 210. Then there is Black Panther at 12 covers with Jubilee, Valkyrie and Black Widow needing between a few and most covers to be ready for champing. 

I have a mini hoard because I don’t want to get a 14th Robbie Reyes. 

I have 7 fully covered 5*s but I’m always out of Iso. 

The last 4* I champed was Kraven and since then all my Iso has gone into four 3* dupes. My 3*s are going to be demanding a lot of upcoming Iso which bums me out. 

I mostly just just play PvE, I almost always play for top 50 in CL8. I don’t like playing optimally to try for top 10. With some champed 5*s I will try CL9. This seems like it would be fun. I also think I might have more time to dabble in PvP but it won’t be a focus. I usually play PvP during Boss Events when there’s not enough PvE to play. 

So I’m not hyper competitive but enjoy growing my roster in power.

 I know that if I wait some more I’ll creep ever forward with my 4*s and rechamp more 3*s. I won’t mind selling a max champ 3* in many cases to use the Iso on a higher tier character that needs it. I’d also like to get to play with some boosted powerful 5*s some day soon. 

Any my opinions as to what I should do?


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    Hey mate, I see you have Gambit/Thor /DD all at 13/13 (it's Kenny712 from your alliance here :P)

    I had Gambit, DD & GladiaThor all covered after I opened my hoard and I champed all 3 and don't regret it one bit. I had to sell a handful of 266 3* but the payoff was well worth it.

    If I ever want to use my 4's (I mainly PvE), I just switch to them in PvE for a bit of fun even if it's slower as I don't play PvE SUPER optimally so I'm a bit similar to you in that regard.

    For PvP I actually found it to go a bit faster if you join a high scoring slice as Gambit/Thor make it ezmode (usually only go to 650 or so in PvP)

    Then once feeders were introduced and a few special 5* stores, I got my Thanos, BB, OML, Widow, Goblin and Panther all champed and that added in a bit of variety. In your position, slowly champing your 7 will give you that variety once you start getting bored of DD/Gambit/Thor

    All in all, I say go for it if your main focus is PvE. I did and it brought new life into the game for me knowing I was in the most powerful tier
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    Agree with the previous poster. The main reason to avoid champing fivestars is to not mess up your PvP MMR, if you don't play PvP much there's basically no drawback. And with Thorbit it's pretty easy to play PvP too. :)
  • dramatist
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    Well I opened a mini hoard of about 40 Latests this morning when Ghost Rider rotated out. I got no real clarification from it though. I didn't even get a 4* 14th cover (although Black Panther got his 13th). My about last 100 Latest draws only got me one 4* to champable status. I guess I'm going to keep drawing as I get them for now while slowly gaining Iso and I'll champ whatever 5* I get cover 14 for first. This will probably be Daredevil because my Kingpin is lvl 279 and 3* Bullseye is close to awarding me a Kingpin cover.