Training grounds overhaul

Barbelith42 Posts: 20 Just Dropped In
At present training grounds is pointless after 4 victories and offers only 100 runes per victory (plus rewards). I think that the runes per victory should be scaled based on a player's tier and exceed the heroic story mode 250 since they are more challenging. I am accustomed to grinding on games but heroic story mode as the fastest source of runes gets very boring very fast and making training grounds a better substitute would make the game more enjoyable. Another idea could be the runes per victory increase the higher the amount of victories you have, also could make it ranked with a leaderboard and let it run for a week giving out rewards based on leaderboard finish.


  • DBJones
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    Another possibility would be scaling runes by opponent level in PvP. 10x the level in runes would be my suggestion.
  • Barbelith42
    Barbelith42 Posts: 20 Just Dropped In
    So 600 runes for victory vs. level 60 opponent? Definitely better than endlessly doing heroic for 250 a pop
  • Igemon
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    My idea is to increase runes per victory with winning streak numbers.
    First victory gives 50 runes. Each victory after that adds 50 runes to previous value.
    For 10th victory in a row you'll receive 500 runes.
    Cap it at 20 streak so that max. is 1000 runes.
    If you lose, counter is reset to 50 runes