T100 Hybrid or better Looking for Perm Spots ~*~ Offenders20 ~*~

axmossaxmoss Posts: 127 Tile Toppler
Helping out a commander who is a friend of mine.

Are you looking to improve alliance placement rewards?
Can you get max Progression in PvE?
Can you score 575+ for PvP each event?
Does T100 Hybrid sound like something you'd like?

Due to a few veterans quitting the game, Offenders20 has a few open spots. They've been getting mercs the last season trying to find permanent members. About 15 of them have stayed, looking to add 3-4 members, and leaving the remaining spots for Mercs if needed.

Line is not required, but it is preferred for communication.
PM me in the forums or use Line for "AxMosS" to get details.
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