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Facebook login no longer working on Chromebook [Investigating]

VogVog Posts: 3 Just Dropped In
Apologies if this is a repeat - I searched the site but didn't see anyone else report this.

I've had a Chromebook that runs Android apps for many months now, and MPQ has worked extremely well on it.  Last week MPQ asked me to re-login to Facebook (nothing out of the ordinary - it likely was time-based).  However, it no longer works.

What's happens:
1) I get what is normally the Facebook pop-up screen, but it's completely white.

2) It launches a browser tab in Chrome.

3) That tab generates an error - something about it not being part of the developer's domain.

4a) The first time, it let me enter my Facebook username and password, but then I got a dialog box that says "Google Chrome OS can't open this page."  The only option is "Close".

4b) Now that I have entered my Facebook username and password, every time I launch MPQ it loads a browser tab in Chrome that goes to Facebook.  It says "You previously logged in to Marvel Puzzle Quest with Facebook. Would you like to continue?".  If I hit "OK" (other option is "Cancel"), I again get a dialog box that says "Google Chrome OS can't open this page."  The only option is "Close".

5) When I go back to MPQ, the all white pop-up screen is still there.  If I "x" it closed, I get the Login Failed dialog box, and the optikon to "disconnect" or "continue."

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.


//Edited Title -Brigby


  • VogVog Posts: 3 Just Dropped In
    Hi MPQ team.

    Just thought I'd check in and see if you need any additional information from me -- screenshots, a video of what's happening, etc.  I'm happy to provide good QA material for the devs as needed.  Just let me know...


  • KGBKGB Posts: 336 Mover and Shaker
    edited June 12
    Out of curiosity, does your Chromebook have both WiFi and cellular (4G) access to the internet?

    A couple months back on my Android phone I encountered something similar (logged out of Facebook after being logged in for months in MPQ). I could not get back into facebook from MPQ (even though I could log into facebook itself via Chrome).

    I accidentally solved it when I was away from WiFi and was only had cellular access. Then it logged right into facebook from MPQ and I've been fine ever since. It makes me thing the game needs to log in via your cellular account (at least on phones).

    So if you have both, maybe just disable WiFi and try via cellular to log in. Then you can re-enable WiFi.

  • VogVog Posts: 3 Just Dropped In
    Hi KGB.

    Thanks for the message, and the possible solve.  No cellular access on this Chromebook -- it's a WiFi only model.

    I'm guessing it's a configuration thing specific to Chromebooks and how they work with both the Android OS and the Chrome OS.  MPQ is switching between them when it asks for the Facebook login (rather than staying purely in Android), and I'm guessing (but only guessing) that might be causing the problem.

    Thanks again,

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