About ISO-8, S.H.I.E.L.D Resupply and more

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First of all, I need help on ISO. I have 350,000 ISO and all my characters are raised to their max. (I am a newcomer so I only have like 15 covers). I don't know what to do with those holy grail amount of ISO with a tiny bit of Hero Points please help any recommendations comment below.

Second of all, I wanna talk about SHIELD resupply. Is there a way that Red ISO can be given as a reward? Is there a way that Support Token (Rank 1&2) can be given as a reward? And is there gonna be more covers (most likely 2* or 3*)?....

And finally, I just currently have each color of Rogue (Classic) recruited. What teams work great for her? 


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    1) It looks like you are a) transitioning to 3-star land or b) in early stage of 3-star land. Don't worry about your seemingly huge amount of Iso-8 because it will be wiped out by 2 champed 3-stars (~130,000 Iso-8 each). By 15 covers, do you mean 15 characters? If you could let eveyone know how your roster is like, it would help you a lot in the long run.

    2) Are you playing story events or versus event? They could help you to build up your Hero Points quickly.

    There's a strategy called farming. It might be too early for you but the gist is you sell a max-champed characters for Iso-8 and Hero Points and then you re-roster them to repeat the cycle. When you level up a champed character, you get rewards like Hero Points, Iso-8, Command Points etc. 2-star characters would be your base for farming because it's has the fastest turnaround time for farming. 

    The third option would be to spend $2 to kick-start your stream of rewards for 28 days. Rewards include Hero Points, Iso-8, tokens etc.

    3) Support was implemented in mid April this year. It's still pretty new. It's possible that it might appear as rewards in the far future. However, I don't see it  as a possibility in the near future.

    4) 4-star are useable when you have 8-10 covers on them. As of now, concentrate on your 2-star and 3-star characters.