Crashes and Supports

JSP869 Posts: 820 Critical Contributor
No, not bug/app crashes, but DDQ's Crash of the Titans, Cage vs Gamora, for example.

A couple of times I'd read about players cleverly using Supports to give them an edge in a Crash, and this time around, with Cage vs Gamora, a couple of Redditors again mentioned doing just that.

Avenger's Tower at Rank 3 creates protect tiles whenever you make a match 4, or greater, while the more rare Vibranium Ore does the same thing but at Rank 2. As Cage's yellow gains extra damage from fortified special tiles, a Support that adds special tiles can obviously help make his Crash a little easier.

Supports might actually be a little more useful than perhaps many of us are willing to give them credit for.