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Help with next champ

So I have covers for each of the following on the vine and have ten days until the first one expires.  Hopefully, I can get enough ISO to champ two.  Strongest is a consideration, but now that I have 45 4 starts champed I would like to go with the ones that are most fun to play with.  Here's the list in order of expiration: Flaptain(x3), Carnage(x3), Winter Soldier, Sandman. 


  • JarvisJackrabbitJarvisJackrabbit Age Unconfirmed Posts: 232 Tile Toppler
    Carnage is still used pretty heavily by a lot of people and is a nasty little number when used with Medusa and Reed.

    Sandman gets a hard time around here but is actually loads of fun with Vulture and Gamora because they can stunlock enemy teams using his green and her blue.

    I haven't used Bucky or Flaptain much but they're pretty tough to find a reliable use for.
  • Sim MayorSim Mayor Posts: 309 Mover and Shaker
    Same as Jarvis, just in the reverse order. I really enjoy my Sandman / Gramora combo, and he's a tank on pretty much any team, especially when boosted. Carnage I'm leveling for no reason other than to be competitive with all of the other Carnage / Medusa / Random 3rd character teams.

    Winter Soldier relies too heavily on countdown tiles and gets meh results from them. Flaptain is...decent? He'll never be a go-to for me, but I enjoy him when I'm forced to use him by a node.
  • shadowyoshishadowyoshi Posts: 153 Tile Toppler
    I like Sandman when boosted. He is one of those ones who gets way stronger with the boost. Beyond that, Carnage opens all sorts of interesting teams.
  • Daredevil217Daredevil217 Posts: 1,986 Chairperson of the Boards
    Carnage is by far the best and is tied for most covers. You won’t regret champing him if you have Medusa. It will open up all sorts of team options. 
  • DormammuDormammu Posts: 3,356 Chairperson of the Boards
    Yeah, same from me. Carnage is a strategic character that can be utilized very well on a couple teams, most specifically with Medusa and Mr. F. I climb the SHIELD Sim with Sandman + Gamora + Vulture quite often as they tend to stun-lock the opposition and keep health pack usage to a minimum.

    I consider Winter Soldier to be the absolute worst 4-star I currently have champed, and Flaptain the absolute worst 4-star I don't yet have champed. So basically that means they are the two worst 4-stars (in my opinion).
  • hopper1979hopper1979 Posts: 552 Critical Contributor
    Carnage, Sandman, WS finally Falcap.  Sandman is underrated but not as useful as Carnage, Winter Soldier is fun but a little to expensive and slow for my taste, Falcap needs work to put it nicely.
  • Gold_DragonGold_Dragon Posts: 70 Match Maker
    1st Carnage (great scarecrow. Can be built around and make up some great combos)
    2nd Sandman (really good boosted. His green stun is nice on teams. Not many characters have a stun that color)
    3rd Falcap (the yellow+red combo is devastating. Hard to build around. Impossible to throw on a team needing his colors)
    last Winter Soldier (doesn’t do enough damage.)
  • captainheathcaptainheath Posts: 61 Match Maker
    Thanks for all of the advice.  I definitely will champ Carnage.  Since I just got another Falcap, maybe him second since I now have four on the vine compared to one each of Sandman and WS.  It will take a week or so of iso grinding just to get the two.
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