Will we finally get Mysterio after movie announcement?

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Variety is reporting that Jake Gyllenhaal is in talks to play Mysterio in the Spider-Man sequel.  I love Jake Gyllenhaal (he was in Donnie Darko), and I've always been a fan of Mysterio.  Does this mean we will finally get Mysterio?!!

@Brigby Can you confirm, even though this is just a wild rumor, and the movie won't come out for like another year or two, and the devs are pretty tight lipped on new characters, because all of my hopes and dreams, for like the next two minutes, hinge on it.


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    Makes me glad so many of our character releases are tied into cross-promoting with the MCU releases. Because there's absolutely no way Mysterio would hit the big screen and we wouldn't get him.

    I don't want to wait for Spidey 2 to come out (July 2019!), but knowing Mysterio is coming eventually, even if it's over a year from now, is better than hoping they'll get around to it eventually. Though we had one stretch of Spidey characters, Miles, Goblin, Venom, Gwen, and Black Suit, and then went without Spidey characters until Homecoming gave us Doc Ock, Sandman, Vulture, and Peter, and that gap was about 15 months. It'll be closer to 2 years between the Spidey films, but we are supposed to get the Iron Spider (like, next week). So maybe, if they keep holding out on Spidey characters, when the Homecoming Sequel comes out we'll get another 2-3 alongside Mysterio. That'd be rad.