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Rune Redisribution for Unused/Obsolete Planeswalkers

ROYGBV00ROYGBV00 Age Unconfirmed Posts: 37 Just Dropped In
Can we just get an option to redistribute Rune accumulation amongst the Planeswalkers we play more often?

I have tons of obsolete or boring Planewalkers that I don’t use anymore, and I’d like to redistribute those Runes into Planeswalkers I actually use.  

Another benefit would be to use those extra unused Runes into card deck unlocking, thereby having them disappear...at least give us this option!


  • Tilwin90Tilwin90 Posts: 626 Critical Contributor
    Uhmm... While resetting planeswalkers sounds like a cute functionality, what stops you from just bouncing between planeswalkers every other event? It kind of ruins the purpose of runes.... Once you have 5 fully leveled level planeswlakers you are done!

    To be honest I don't really enjoy the level system as it is (it quickly becomes obsolete and is only subject of discussion for abuses in matchmaking than anything else). So be it for me, I think planeswalker levels need a refurbish/redesign/something, but I don't think this is the answer. 

    Also since you touched the subject of deck slots, that's another thing I would've liked to have seen available out of the box. Making them a "cost thing", a "spend money on this as well" was plain silly. But again, subject for another topic.
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