Karn Bundle Card Changes *Updated (5/22/18)

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Hi Everyone,

As many of you are aware, the 2.6 update brought with it Magic: Puzzle Quest's first look at the Dominaria card set; bringing with it Karn and 6 new Dominaria cards. We were excited to hear that many players jumped at the chance to try out our first Colorless Planeswalker, as well as the 5 cards he came with; one of which was the powerful card, Gilded Lotus.

As more and more players experimented with the card though, the team quickly realized that Gilded Lotus was a very strong card; one that unfortunately needed to be changed.

One of Oktagon's designers stated:
"In its released form, it would become an auto-include into most decks, since every Planeswalker would simply be better with it. The goal was to create a card that could increase match options for PWs with distributed negative mana bonuses, [as opposed to making] match options irrelevant by making every match a great match. Now it should help even out some negative mana bonuses, while leveling PWs, as well as fit into some niche decks once they are leveled."
We understand that having to balance a stronger-than-intended card can be frustrating to players, but especially so when there was no announcement communicating it. We sincerely apologize for this oversight, and we'll be taking steps in the future to make sure we inform the community of changes like these ahead of time.

As a gift for your patience and understanding, all players that purchased the Karn bundle are eligible to receive 80 Mana Crystals, so they have everything they need to get their hands on a Dominaria Booster Pack once the set goes live. Please reach out to Customer Support with a copy of your purchase receipt, and they will be more than happy to credit you with the Crystals.

Thank you all once again, and thank you for being a part of our Magic: Puzzle Quest community.

Update: Players no longer require a purchase receipt when reaching out to Customer Support for the 80 Mana Crystals.
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