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I've returned to MPQ after a bit over a year and just wanted to clarify a few things, was hoping here was a good place to ask.

1) Before I left PVE scaling of mobs was determined based on your roster, but now the mob levels seem based on the shield clearance level (i.e. SCL 8 will always have mobs between level x and y), is that right?

2) If that is the case, is there any benefit at all to soft capping your roster anymore? I could currently level both Peggy and 4* Cyc to max, but I've read in a few discussions that this may effect my matchmaking in PVP?

3) The bonuse characters is a new feature to me, I assume it works in tiers for each level (i.e. I should select one 3*, 4* and 5* character to focus on with my bonus covers)?

4) In PvP is matchmaking based on SCL, or should i just chose the highest SCL I can?



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    1) Yes. In PvE, your scaling is now determined entirely* by the SCL you choose, with no regard to your roster.

    2) Your roster does still determine your MMR in PvP. The general consensus seems to be that it's based on an average of the 5 highest level characters or so, so having a couple way out in front of the rest can bump you up into harder territory.

    3) As a general guideline, yeah, one per tier. There are exceptions sometimes (like right now I have 3 3* bonused, because any of them will give me a LT with one more level), but you won't go wrong just sticking with one each.

    4) In contrast to PvE, your SCL in PvP only determines your rewards. In general, yeah, you should go for the highest SCL you can. The exception here is that if you can get better placement by enough in a lower SCL that it makes up for the loss of progression rewards, go for the lower one. But that's not terribly common.

    *The one exception I can think of is the side nodes in boss events. Those still have roster based scaling.
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    Awesome, thanks for your answers they really help.

    So in terms of general roster advice, is it best to hold back on transitioning to 4* land until you have several characters ready to go?
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    jayx_2 said:
    Awesome, thanks for your answers they really help.

    So in terms of general roster advice, is it best to hold back on transitioning to 4* land until you have several characters ready to go?

    You have several fivestars, so I don't Think it would necessarily be a problem to level fourstars as they come. When they are not boosted, they won't be much higher than a fivestar or a boosted threestar so their effect on matchmaking should be neglible. When they are boosted they might affect things a bit, but you probably want to play them then anyway. :)

    Moreover, both Peggy and Cyclops are quite good fourstars and could be very helpful. If you have the ISO I see no problem with leveling them up a bit.

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    With IM40 as your highest level 3-star (according to your Gampendium) you should absolutely champ Peggy. The two of them will destroy your foes together for a long time to come. Don't softcap your 4-stars. If you're ready to make the jump, make the jump. The transition between 3-star and 4-star PvP play will have its pitfalls but that's no excuse to hold yourself back - we all have gone through it. The two most frustrating things you'll encounter are:

    1) PvP events where none of your 4-stars are boosted. It doesn't matter if you champ one 4-star or twenty of them, this is inevitably going to happen until you have about forty-to-fifty of them champed. But this is when you lean on your 3-stars.

    2) Grocket/Gamora/Medusa teams in the SHIELD Sim. This too will become a non-factor as you expand your roster of 4-stars. Skip liberally unless health packs aren't an issue.
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    Awesome. Thanks for the help everyone, I appreciate it!