List of nodes and values for each event...

Hilk Posts: 131 Tile Toppler
Does anyone have a spreadsheet of the events with nodes, node type (1 or 6) and points for each event... I was going to simulate how playing different orders impacts the total points earnable.. 
For example... 
do first node, then special characters (high to low ), then Easy nodes, etc....
do first node, then first node of easy nodes, then later nodes, then required, etc


  • Hilk
    Hilk Posts: 131 Tile Toppler
    Some preliminary results,
    after looking st one day... the best sims are ones where you focus on points per time ( vs highest point ones or other scenarios)..  so for each person it will depend on how fast someone is at the different nodes, but the rules to follow:

    1) do the nodes until the timer starts
    2) start with the highest points per minute
    3) on the countdown... start as late as possible to make sure you do 3 rounds
    4) start with the worst points per minute nodes.

    for me... this actually means starting with the 3 easy nodes ( they are so quacking, they end up having good ppm). Then looking to see if the easy required character node Or next regular node will have better ppm.   The 5* node has lots of points, but is normally a slog (to get to 4 rounds), so has poor ppm and would go last.

    I will do a little more to see other Impacts...