Dominaria Card Gallery (5/17/18)

LakeStone Posts: 1,377 Community Moderator

Hi Everyone - 

The Card Gallery is now available to view for the upcoming Dominaria card set that goes live next week (week of May 21).  View the Dominaria cards HERE.  Be sure to check out the new Saga Cards (a new sub-type of Supports introduced in Dominaria) as mentioned in the Pre-Release Notes yesterday.

We also have the new Elite Collection cards added to the Elite Collection Gallery as well. 

In case the new Elite Cards are hard to identify, here are the names of these cards –

- Akroma’s Vengeance

- Akroma’s, Angel of Fury

- Conflux

- Elvish Piper

- Flash

- Hanna, Ship’s Navigator

- Living Death

- Magus of the Wheel

- Pernicious Deed

- Rishadan Port


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