2.7 Release Notes *Updated (5/23/18)

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2.7 Release Notes

General Adjustments

  • Free Booster: Players now receive 3 free cards every 6 hours.
  • Added new UID button to start screen
    • Players will now be able to view their UID from the start screen, in case they are unable to load into the game.
  • Updated Events button with new icon
  • Added a Zoom option to view full card artwork
  • Dominaria will be added to Booster Crafting in the 2.7.1 update.

Dominaria Has Arrived!

60 years have passed since the Mending, and the world is finally healing from its wounds. With its arrival in Magic: the Gathering, Puzzle Quest, we see that 2 new Planeswalkers have emerged, along with 192 Dominaria cards. Not only do we see new cards and characters, but new events that illustrate Dominaria’s rich yet tempestuous history, as well.

Welcome home, Planeswalkers.

Standard Rotation

With Dominaria's arrival, the card sets within Standard will be changing. Amonkhet will no longer be in Standard, and Dominaria will be rotating in!

Teferi, Hero of Dominaria

After sacrificing his Planeswalker spark to save Dominaria from temporal rifts caused by his previous meddling, Teferi could no longer traverse the planes. Now, with his spark restored by his friend Jhoira, he is ready to confront the mistakes of his past. Mistakes that he is constantly reminded by the unnatural void that took his homeland's (Zhalfir) place in the plane.

Teferi will be available at the launch of 2.7, so be sure to check him out after the update!

*New Update*

Major Zhalfir’s Fate Token (4 Shield) - Whenever you draw a card, your opponent loses a reinforcement. If they can’t, they exile a creature. If they can’t, they exile a support. If they can’t, increase the cost of cards in their hand by 1.

Jaya Ballard

Jaya is a native of Dominaria whose skills, abilities, recklessness and impetuousness made her influence known to the Multiverse across generations. She founded Keral Keep, a pyromantic monastery in the plane Regatha, where Chandra Nalaar trained. After the Mending, she started aging normally, unlike Teferi and Karn, and is fully accepting of the fact she is at the end of a very long and productive life.

Jaya will be available in game at a later date, so keep an eye out for her arrival!

*New Update*

Major Professional Destruction Token (4 Shield) - Whenever you draw a spell, give it full mana, and create a copy of it.

New Mechanics

Saga Cards

Saga Cards are a new sub-type of Supports being introduced in Dominaria. When a Saga card enters the board, and at the beginning of your turn, read the current chapter and move to the next chapter. When you read the last chapter, destroy the Saga at the end of the turn. Whenever a Saga is reinforced, read the current chapter again without advancing to the next chapter.

Historic Cards

Cards considered to be Historic are Legendary cards, Artifacts and Sagas. Cards with a Historic effect trigger special abilities when a Historic card is played or while a Historic card is in play.

Yes, you heard right! Artifacts are coming to Magic: Puzzle Quest, and they are represented as another new sub-type for Supports.


When a creature with Leader enters the battlefield, it exiles all tokens you control with any of the given subtypes, and it’s reinforced for each token and token reinforcement it exiled.

New Events

A World Reborn - Coalition PVE

Board the Weatherlight with its new crew and go on a journey through the secrets of Dominaria. In each encounter, the Weatherlight and one of its crew members will be added to your hand. Try to use this helpful assistant to beat challenges and visit amazing places.

Similar to Avacyn’s Madness, this event is a sequential node challenge with 6 encounters divided into 2 great nodes. These encounters all focus on some of Dominaria’s iconic landscapes, inhabitants, and regions: Shiv, New Benalia, Llanowar, the Tolarian Academies, Urborg, and the Zhalfirin Void.

Each encounter has specific objectives that relate to the place where the event occurs. For example, The Zhalfirin Void features a special rule that pays tribute to an old MTG mechanic: Phasing.

Get your first experience of this epic adventure right after 2.7 launches.

A Journey Through History: The Long Cold Darkness - Single Player PVE

Experience the history of Dominaria by joining in its most memorable moments. In each of the 4 encounters, a card from Dominaria will be added to your hand every 4 turns. This card is directly related to that moment in Dominaria’s rich past.

Starting from the Ice Age and leading up to the Mending, the encounters in Journey Through History will allow you to experience each of the Ice Age’s important characters and moments: the Brother’s War, the Shard of the Twelve Worlds, The Balduvian and Kjeldoran Alliance, The Hordes of Lim-Dûl, and the World Spell.

Brace yourself and prepare for The Long Cold Darkness’s arrival in June.

Special Offers

Man the Weatherlight and recruit iconic characters with brand new Dominaria special offers - including Planeswalker and Historic themed bundles.

Balance Changes

  • Llanowar Elves
    • Mana Cost: 10 -> 9
    • Power/Toughness: 2/2 -> 3/3
  • Howling Golem
    • Mana Cost: 14 -> 11
  • Jousting Lance
    • Mana Cost: 7 -> 10
  • Navigator's Compass
    • Mana Cost: 5 -> 9
  • Bloodtallow Candle
    • Mana Cost: 6 -> 9
  • Gilded Lotus
    • Mana Cost: 7 -> 9
    • Mana Bonus Increase: 2 -> 1

Bug Fixes

  • Players will no longer encounter a crash when playing through the first encounter in Oath of the Gatewatch.
  • Player are no longer able to enter locked nodes in Trial of the Planes.
  • Huatli, Warrior Poet’s ability Sun Empire's Rage now activates correctly, even if the opponent does not control any creatures.
  • Grovetender Druid’s Rally ability now summons the correct Plant token.
  • The Support Card, Flusterstorm, now drains the correct amount of Mana.
  • Fixed an issue with Hexproof creatures, controlled by an effect that temporarily steals the enemy’s creature, continuing to be untargetable by the player.
  • The player's creature is now properly Exiled, when the opponent attacks with the player's creature after casting Act of Treason, while Settle the Wreckage is on the board.
  • Nissa, Sage Animist´s ability Nature's Regrowth now properly converts Loyalty gems to Green gems.
  • Fixed an issue with creatures failing to receive additional buffs when Bellowing Aegisaur takes damage.
  • Token creatures are now destroyed when targeted by Hostage Taker.
  • Swords to Plowshares now properly gains life equal to the exiled creature's total power.
  • Creatures are no longer enabled, when Hixus, Prison Warden is Destroyed, while Cast Out is on the gem board in Battle
  • Obelisk Spider’s ability no longer activates when it battles another creature, if Obelisk Spider has 0 power.
  • Gems converted by Lost Vale are now properly converted into only the player's Planeswalker's colors.
  • Players no longer encounter a soft lock during the Wolf of Devil’s Breach battle in Avacyn's Madness.
  • Unified Front now summons Kor Ally tokens correctly.
  • Liliana, Defiant Necromancer’s ability Grave Mist now correctly deals damage.
  • Geier Reach Bandit’s portrait is no longer missing in the event Avacyn’s Madness.
  • Fixed the Got It! button in Training - SOI.
  • The Aggressive and Artificer objectives will no longer increase when a Support transforms; only when a Support is played from the player’s hand.
  • Nicol Bolas’s level is now correctly displayed in HOU encounters.
  • Adjusted the background for the Colorless Planeswalker in the Battle Summary screen..
  • Angel's Tomb now only activates when the player casts a non-token creature.
  • The game will no longer soft lock when triggering an effect that requires counting the number of Supports in battle.
  • Fixed some Text Issues.
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