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Gideon of the Trials 2nd ability game freeze

GilescloneGilesclone Posts: 570 Critical Contributor
If you use Gideon’s second ability to exile a creature that is disabled, the game will freeze.  You can look at the cards in your hand, the menu, or the ability list, but you can’t make swaps or rearrange the cards in your hand. 
I know of two people in addition to myself who have encountered this bug.


  • Enygma6Enygma6 Posts: 98 Match Maker
    I saw that last night when the AI opponent tried to do that.  Seems like yet another way to trigger the “doing something to a disabled creature” bug.
  • UweTellkampfUweTellkampf Posts: 280 Mover and Shaker
    I had experienced the same and it cost me the perfect score. 
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